Integra Advantage
Scallop Hairline
Hand crafted scallop with super mono mesh hairline
This unique feature offers the most natural looking hairline and also,
allows the hair in the bang area to fall more realistically.

Monofilament Base
Extra large oval shape monofilament base
Extending the size of the monofilament and redesigning it to an oval
shape ensures maximum comfort and fit.
The fully hand tied Interger knotting method provides multi-directional
hair management for limitless styling options.

Polyurethane Tape Tab
Molded specifically to hug and lay closer to the forehead.

Adjustable Straps
Easy adjustment for maximum comfort and fit.

Extended Contoured Nape
Contoured nape allows secure fit and also, prevents roll up situations.

Thin Weft at Side and Back for Excellent ventilation

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Integra Advantage.
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